Racing Trucker

Racing Trucker 2.0

Racing Trucker 2.0 is a game that is full of a crushing energy

Racing Trucker 2.0 is a game that is full of a crushing energy. The player has to strike the gas, avoid the obstacles and must not forget of collecting the prizes that will help to win the race. Another thing to have in mind is that you have to deliver the truck to the base in time.

When starting the game you have the possibility of choosing the truck model you desire, according the speed, acceleration, control and weight you are willing to use. You have five powerful models. The user has to wait till the traffic lights turn green to start running the race. The player has to use the arrows of the keyboard to manipulate the chosen car, and the space bar to handbrake.

The rivals are going to be in your way, so the strongest is the one that is going to win. You have to be smart and always be alert because tricky oil sticks in the road are going to make you lose control.

Once the level gets higher, the way gets more complicated, the enemy craftiest and the prize biggest. Excellent graphics and music.

Review summary


  • easy to understand
  • Nice graphics
  • Free Installation


  • A bit complicated to manage at first
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